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Solar Light
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Solar Gutter Lights Outdoor 6 LEDs Solar Powered Wall Garden
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   【BRIGHTER LIGHTING】Equipped with 12 upgraded high power LEDs and newest energy management chip, Upgraded 12 LED solar gutter lights emit brighter light than old 6 LED solar gutter lights, not only an ideal decorative light, but also lighting at night to improve the safety of people and property
    【LONGER LIGHTING TIME】 Solar deck light with 1500mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AA size only) and large size solar panel, make sure the light will keep lighting up to 8 hours after fully charged, perfect for deck, pool, wall and garden
    【2 DIFFERENT INSTALLATION METHOD , 4 DIFFERENT INSTALLATION THICKNESS】 No wiring required, easy to install on the fence, gutter, wall, deck or anywhere you want through brackets (Please refer to pictures or instructions) .Perfect for using on front door, back yard, garage, driveway, deck, pathway, and porch.

Electrical Characteristics:
  ① Solar panel: 0.55W
  ② Li-ion battery: 1.2V 1500mAh
  ③ LED power: 0.8W, 6000K-6500K,12PCS, 24-26lm/PCS, 300lm.
  ④ Light angle and distance: 120 degrees, 10ft
  ⑥Size: 12 x 12 x 5.3 cm
  ⑦Working mode: ON/OFF . Get off automatically to charge at daytime. Come on automatically at night . No dim model.
    【HIGH QUALITY OUTDOOR SOLAR LIGHT】 Adopts Most advanced version solar panel that photoelectric conversion rate is 20% higher than other solar panel. This 6LED Gutter Lights Outdoor absorb and convert sunlight into electricity and stores in daytime. Get off automatically to charge at daytime. Come on automatically at night, which meets your need to for all night use.

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