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Universal QQ09 gun mount


The QQ09 gun mount is used to mount either an LED flashlight or laser sight onto the telescopic sight of a rifle. This gun mount bracket is easily adjusted to suit diameters between 25 mm and 31 mm.


Use this mount to mount our UF-C8,501B or UF-T20 to your scope. It will mount to both 1" and 30mm scopes and will get the light up high enough to clear 50mm scope objectives. The mount can be installed in just seconds and no tools are needed.

1. For uniquefire T20 flashlight 

2. Mounted to both 1" and 30mm scopes and installed in just seconds and no tools needed 


-Standard hole size: 30mm~25mm 
-High quality

-Mini Size: 25*25mm

-Max Size: 31mm*31mm

-Weight: 85/90g


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